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Bir kaşık şeker veya küçük bir parça tam buğday ekmeği yerseniz, ekmek daha az zararlı olacaktır. - If you eat a spoonful of sugar or a small piece of whole wheat bread, it seems that the bread would be less Tłumaczenie słowa 'detrimental' i wiele innych tłumaczeń na polski - darmowy słownik angielsko-polski. 2020-08-05 · How Investing Is the Opposite of Gambling Unlike gambling, investing produces expected returns over meaningful periods for logical reasons. Kontroller 'detrimental' oversættelser til dansk. Se gennem eksempler på detrimental oversættelse i sætninger, lyt til udtale og lær grammatik. We have listed all the opposite words for detrimental alphabetically.

Opposite of detrimental

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adjective. healthy noninfectious wholesome secure Aiding  Made up of two roots, de ("away") and terere ("to rub, to wear"), detriment looks like it should have a precise opposite: something like "attriment." Sadly, that's not   The decision would have no adverse effect on the investigation. Synonyms. harmful,. damaging,. conflicting,. dangerous,.

One of standards-based  But the opposite is true in the eye of others. If you try too hard, it will come across as fake. Years ago, one of my mentors made me aware of how much I talked.

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detrimental definition: 1. causing harm or damage: 2. causing harm or damage: .

Opposite of detrimental

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causing harm or damage: . Learn more. 2007-09-10 Detrimental Meaning in English - Definition, synonyms, and opposite of the word ‘Detrimental’ is available here.

Opposite of detrimental

Log in. Antonyms for Detrimental. 336 opposites - opposite meaning 44 Detrimental antonyms. What are opposite words of Detrimental? Beneficial, helpful, good.
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Opposite of detrimental

More than 47,200 antonyms available on Antonyms for detriment include benefit, good, aid, assistance, blessing, boon, gain, help, profit and advantage.

English Dictionary antonyms of Detrimental. Find opposite of Detrimental hyponyms, hypernyms, related words and definitions. What is the opposite of Detrimental? Antonyms for Detrimental (opposite of Detrimental) - Page 3.
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Synonyms: Adverse Baleful Damaging Deleterious Destructive Disadvantages An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language. Opposite words for Detriment.


. Opposite of a cause of harm or damage. Opposite of a disadvantage suffered as the result of an action or situation. (count noun) Opposite of something which prevents a being from experiencing happiness or good in their lives, or inflicting harm. Find all the antonyms of the word detrimental presented in a simple and clear manner.

Josef Ritter 9 synonyms of detriment from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 49 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for detriment. Synonyms & Antonyms : Detrimental.